Sitemap - 2022 - Two Pathways | Jacob Gerber

New Article: "The Paradoxical Pastoral Piety of the Lord’s Prayer"

"Your Father Sees in Secret" and How God Speaks in our Worship Services

"Love Your Enemies" and the Importance of Minority Reports for the Health of the PCA

Sabbatical, Psalm 50 on Corporate Worship, the Public Reading of Scripture, and Minority Reports

The Dialogue of Worship

Debating with the Devil

Does Jesus Really Want Me to Gouge Out My Eye or Cut off My Hand?

Jesus Forbids Even Unintentional Lust (Matt. 5:27–28)

Presbyterian Evangelism, Missions, and Church Planting

The Fulfillment of the Law, The Regulative Principle of Worship, and Presbyterian "Quirks"

Presbyterian “Quirks”: The Sabbath, Psalms-Singing, and Images of Christ

The Regulative Principle of Worship

The Persecution of the Church and a Primer on Membership in the PCA

Church Membership in the PCA

The Beatitudes, Seeing God, and an Introduction to the PCA

Introduction to the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)

The Beginning of Jesus' Public Ministry and the True Nature of Legalism

Beware the Leaven of the Pharisees

The Obedience of Jesus, Repentance, and the Form of Presbyterian Church Government

The Form of Presbyterian Church Government

What is Repentance?

Biblical, Divine Right Church Government, Thomas Witherow, and the Temptation of Jesus

The Biblical Foundations for Presbyterian Church Government

The Joy of the Lord's Day, the History of Presbyterianism, Amillennialism, and Christ's Baptism

A Biblical Case for Amillennialism

A Brief History of Presbyterianism

How God's Word Confronts Us, Jesus' Heel, Repentance, and Dissenting Judicial Opinions

"And You Shall Bruise His Jacob"

The Word of God Confronts You in Your Own Shoes

Bible Reading Plan for 2022, Jesus' Kingdom and Suffering, and Parliamentary Procedure